Students Go Frogging in the Netherland – Year Three!

The beginning of June always holds a nice fieldtrip in store for us in one of the most beautiful parts of the Netherlands – Drenthe. This area is patch work of heath lands, grasslands, swamps and beautiful woodlands. All full of creeks, small rivers and important for amphibian lovers like us: ponds! ...Read More

Road side puddles in the tropic- don’t pass them by!

When in the tropics, in our case Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, amphibian lovers like us are always looking for that piece of pristine habitat. That one beautiful permanent pond, creek or temporary pond created by floods or rain. The latter can also be found in less than pristine habitat, the ordinary dirt ...Read More

Day at Bankhead National Forest

All summer I had wanted to go to Bankhead National Forest in Alabama. I heard of its abundant green salamanders, copperheads, and timber rattlesnakes, all of which were on my “year’s goal” list of reptiles and amphibians to find in 2014. In August I got an invitation from Joseph Jenkins, a student ...Read More

Poll: Smallest Turtle In The World

The results are in for our poll What’s the smallest species of turtle in the world? and this time we stumped our readers. The votes were: Common Musk Turtle 22% Olive Ridley Sea Turtle 11% Bog Turtle 41% Speckled Tortoise 27% The largest of the four turtles listed above is the olive ridley sea ...Read More

Cope’s Gray Tree Frog (Hyla chrysoscelis) and the Common Gray Tree Frog (Hyla versicolor)

As I walked up to work one May day, a very indecent sight awaited me: two frogs mating! Of course I did the polite thing and took tons of pictures. Later, during research, I discovered there are two types of Gray Tree frog: Cope’s Gray Tree frog (Hyla chrysoscelis) and the Common ...Read More

Northwoods Amphibians

I finally made it up to the Northwoods of Wisconsin this summer. The website Welcome to the Northwoods  from Travel Wisconsin  describes the Northwoods as “…home to vast forests, thousands of lakes and the friendliest communities in the state.” This is a pretty good description, though I’d say all the communities in Wisconsin ...Read More

A Blue Green Frog

Recently a coworker from Maine contacted me about a strangely colored frog. This was the second time she had seen this odd coloration in a wild frog and wanted to know more about it. She was able to snap a few photos (see below). It turns out she had found an axanthic ...Read More

This is wrong on so many levels

It started as one of those non-funny jokes. A friend posted this photo on Facebook last Tuesday and tagged me, asking, “How soon until you start getting calls on these, Keith ?”  The answer turned out to be Sunday. That didn’t take long at all, did it. An Ohio State Fair booth ...Read More

Coworkers: Fox Snake and Groundhog

I occasionally monitor for state listed species on construction sites and the other day I was doing some wood turtle monitoring and exclusion fence installation oversight. While the construction crew was on lunch break I strolled around the exclusion fence area to check on the installation progress. I was pestering some black-capped ...Read More

Turtle Dogs 2014

I had the pleasure of joining WDNR to help catch turtles again this year with dogs (see last year’s post for more info). We were looking for ornate box turtle (Terrapene ornata ornata) again and WDNR was able to hire the same trainer as last year, John Rucker. John travels all over the ...Read More