Stump Ripper Vs. Snake Hook

The last poll on the website asked which snake handling equipment you prefer, Stump Ripper or Snake Hook.  The results were split 50/50.  I can see the benefit of both instruments.  I personally own a FurMont Reptile Hooks “The Stump Ripper” made by Fuhrman Diversified, Inc. which I’ve had for eight years.  I have a stump ripper instead of a snake hook because I find it more useful in the field since I can turn over rocks and logs with it and keep my hands out of places where venomous snakes might take refuge.  However, when I’m handling snakes indoors, say in a lab or a pet shop, I use a snake hook.  I find it’s easier to maneuver a snake with a hook compared to the stump ripper but I’ll never give up my stump ripper.  icon smile Stump Ripper Vs. Snake Hook

See The Wandering Herpetologist Bookcase – Herpetology Tools for examples of snake hooks and other equipment.

PICT0037 Stump Ripper Vs. Snake Hook

Sara using "The Stump Ripper" to roll a log

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