Bearded Dragon: Size and Color Changing

Bearded Dragon’s size and color changing

2012. 12. 29

I adopted a Bearded Dragon.  He was so cute : )




compared a coin



2013. 4. 20

He ate vegetables and worms well.  His growth was so fast.


eat vegetables



2013. 5. 26

His length reached 30cm and his weight surpassed 100g.




Now, I’ll show you his color changing.














When a Bearded Dragon is small, we can’t guess their baby color.  Also there is a genetic influence of their parents.


But, what I want to say is this, when you adopt Bearded Dragons, don’t look only at their outward appearance.

All Bearded Dragons look lovely, cute, nice and great.

I love not have only Bearded Dragons but also other reptiles♥



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Woong Jin Kim

Author: Woong Jin Kim

Woong Jin is a Daeil High School student from Seoul, South Korea. He has been raising leopard geckos and bearded dragons for five years. He wants to become a herpetologist.

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